The Excellence Awards - 2001

Excellence in Professional Service
Anne Boehm

According to her colleagues, Anne Boehm is a team player who possesses boundless energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and knowledge in her role as assistant to the chair of the Department of Biological Sciences. A fountain of information for more than 20 years in her department, Boehm is known for her innovative skills in problem solving, decision-making, and leadership.

Boehm’s daily goals include her belief that the “common welfare should come first; personal progress for the greatest number depends on unity; and participation is the key to harmony.” Her commitment to a team approach often results in developing a consensus during her committee work, although she rarely fails to take a leadership role. Her involvement and interactions with other members of the University community allow her to see the overall picture and to solve problems in the long term. As an example, she was instrumental in developing a requirement that all international teaching assistants take and attain an acceptable score on the standardized test of spoken English before entering the classroom to teach undergraduates.

Boehm organized an ACCESS User Group that meets regularly to share information regarding that database software, and she served as a senior adviser for sexual harassment for the past 12 years, but her contributions outside the University are also impressive. A volunteer in the American Red Cross “Learn How to Swim” program for the last 25 years, Boehm also served as a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association. She has volunteered to help with the Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner since 1996, and is considered an outstanding role model both within and outside her department.

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