The Excellence Awards - 2000

Excellence in Professional Service
The Excellence in Professional Service award recognizes individuals who have repeatedly sought improvement of themselves and their campus, and, in doing so, have transcended the normal definitions of excellence. There are three winners in this category.
J. Philippe Abraham Anne Boehm Maritza Martinez

Excellence in Teaching
The Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes faculty members for their skill, innovation and dedication to teaching and academic advising. This year the University honors two colleagues for their excellence in this category.
Hayward D. Horton Stephen M. North

Excellence in Librarianship
The Award for Excellence in Librarianship recognizes extraordinary achievement and dedication in Library Science. This year the University honors two colleagues for their excellence in this category.
Otis A. Chadley Laura Cohen

Excellence in Academic Service
The University Award for Excellence in Academic Service is presented to members of the teaching faculty who have demonstrated leadership and service to the University over a sustained period. There are two honorees this year.
David McCaffrey Charles Rougle
Excellence in Support Service
The Excellence in Support Service Award recognizes staff members’ extraordinary achievement and contributions in support of the University’s academic and research aims, and its overall sense of community. Three individuals are honored in this category this year.
Ellen B. Kelly Josephine Smith Mary Unser

Excellence in Research
The Award for Excellence in Research recognizes outstanding research and scholarship by members of the faculty over a sustained number of years. There are three recipients in this category.
Lance Bosart Joachim Frank Norma Riccucci

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