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Saturday October 9th, 10am to 3pm
Back lawn of the Science Library
Over two dozen UAlbany faculty and alumni authors will showcase their books at the Fall Festival. Choose your interests below and discover which authors you will have the opportunity to meet.

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Crime Fiction

  • Bailey

    You Should Have Died on Monday (2007)
    by Frankie Bailey

    In her fourth mystery novel in the Lizzie Stuart Mystery series featuring African American professor/criminologist Lizzie Stuart, Frankie Bailey weaves vivid characters and drama upon a realistic backdrop of race and crime in America.

  • Ballard

    Carried by Six (2009)
    by Allen Ballard

    In his crime novel, Allen Ballard plots a fast-paced tale of one family's fight against the murderous drug gangs that threaten to take over their Philadelphia housing project.


  • Kristen Wilcox and Janet Angelis

    Best Practices from High-Performing Middle Schools (2009)
    by Kristen Wilcox and Janet Angelis

    Kristen Wilcox and Janet Angelis, two researchers from UAlbany's School of Education, share what they have learned about how some middle schools consistently foster better academic performance, no matter what challenges their students face.

Educational Psychology


Health Care

  • Hoff

    Practice Under Pressure (2009)
    by Timothy Hoff
    Timothy Hoff champions a new business model, medical education reform and a rebranding of primary care careers to rescue the U.S. primary care system.

  • Dewar

    Essentials of Health Economics (2009)
    by Diane Dewar

    Dewar writes about the specifics of the health care markets, how to evaluate health care services, and health care reform.


  • Dewar

    Media Messages and Public Health (2008)
    co-edited by Jennifer Manganello

    Manganello says that she and her co-editors saw the necessity for the book because no prior works informed researchers about the difficult decisions that confronted them involving public health-related messages and behaviors.


  • Sherman

    Addiction and Pregnancy (1998)
    by Barry Sherman

    Barry Sherman offers a comprehensive look at substance abuse during pregnancy.


  • Acker

    Scottsboro and Its Legacy (2008)
    by James R. Acker

    Scottsboro and Its Legacy: The Cases That Challenged American Legal and Social Justice (2008) is "a careful, even painstaking examination of the Scottsboro Boys, the nine black teenagers convicted of raping two white women on a train ride through Alabama in early 1931.”

  • Bass

    The Spy Who Loved Us (2009)
    by Thomas A. Bass

    The Spy Who Loved Us: The Vietnam War and Pham Xuan An's Dangerous Game is the true espionage story about a double agent who was North Vietnam's "secret weapon for winning the war."


  • Cumming

    The Fountain of Youth: The Artistry of Frank Glazer (2009)
    by Duncan J. Cumming

    A frequent collaborator on projects with Glazer, Cumming chronicles the innovative master's life, which spans nearly a century of performing.

  • Trachtenberg

    The Revolutionary Roots of Modern Yiddish, 1903-1917 (2008)
    by Barry Trachtenberg

    The Revolutionary Roots of Modern Yiddish, 1903-1917,  examines the impact of the 1905 Russian Revolution on the formation of Yiddish scholarship.



  • Matturro

    Perseus (2010)
    by Richard Matturro, B.A. '68, M.A. '69, Ph.D. '73

    In this offbeat take on the classical myth, Perseus bungles his way into a heroic adventure with Andromeda, a highly opinionated young damsel in distress.

  • Slade

    Sweet Solitude (2010)
    by Leonard A. Slade Jr.

    Drawing deeply from the well of the African American experience, Sweet Solitude, addresses a wide variety of subjects — from beauty, family and nature, to racism, religion, and politics.




  • Block

    Garlic and Other Alliums: The Lore and the Science (2010)
    by Eric Block

    Block investigates the claims of health benefits, lauds alliums' place in culinary history, and provides quality color illustrations, including onions painted by Renoir.

  • Kimball

    Physics of Sailing (2009)
    by John Kimball

    Kimball demonstrates the many ways science can be used to understand the principles of sailboat propulsion and how a scientific understanding of the boat, wind, and water can lead to more skillful sailing.


World Affairs


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