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CIEPP and the Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies currently host two specialized projects.


The Program for Research on Private Higher Education builds knowledge about private higher education – which now accounts for one third of the world’s enrollment.  With Ford Foundation support, PROPHE focuses on discovery and dissemination, including analysis to inform public discussion and policy making.  PROPHE relies on a network of scholars pursuing regionally-based inquiry, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


The Educational Evaluation Research Consortium has as its purpose to study ways to improve policymaking through monitoring of educational opportunities and learning.  With over $2 million in USAID support, and in co-0-eration with the Program to Promote Educational Reform in Latin America and the World Bank Institute on specific projects, the Consortium is currently engaged in a study of the effects of opportunities provided in primary education in the Dominican Republic.


Comparative Assessments of Learning

In 2006, CIEPP undertook to advance work under its quality and accountability theme through a co-operative effort to implement PISA in one or two U.S. states.  The Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA, assesses the learning of young people, now in some 60 countries.  PISA’s assessments are competency-based, developed not in relation to school curricula but rather to an agreed view of what young people (at age 15) should know and be able to do.  As a consequence of experience and analysis in PISA’s first three cycles of assessment (to 2006), a growing number of countries are now undertaking assessments at sub-national (state, provincial, cantonal) level as well as generating country-level results and analyses and to use PISA as a different gauge of the knowledge, abilities and dispositions that young people have acquired.

As a consequence of ongoing exchanges between officials and interested stakeholders within individual U.S. states on the one hand and a loose network of officials, experts and experienced policy analysts in national centers, professional organizations, and universities (including CIEPP), a small group of U.S. states continue to explore the possibilities for participating in PISA.  Thus far, two small meetings have been convened, one hosted by CIEPP at the University at Albany.  A separate inquiry into the development and use of a cross-national assessment of learning at the level of higher education is also underway, and CIEPP has contributed to discussions of follow-up and possible implementation.


Professional Conferences

CIEPP participates in major academic and professional conferences in its field. 

CIES, 2007.  In March 2007, CIEPP with PROPHE supported faculty and student participation in the Comparative and International Education Society conference, convened in Baltimore.  CIEPP hosted a reception, with PROPHE.  CIEPP and EAPS faculty Dan Levy and Gilbert Valverde took part in the conference program, as did CIEPP students Pachayani, Praphomongripong, Renzo Roncagliolo, Ancell Scheker Mendoza, Jargalmaa Tsendjav, and Layheng Ting.

ASHE, 2007.  CIEPP faculty and students participated in the Association for the Study of Higher Education Annual Conference, November 8-11, 2007, in Louisville.  CIEPP core and collaborating faculty KKevin Kinser, Jason Lane, and Dan Levy took part, as well as CIEPP and EAPS students Francesca Durand, Kay Hinds-Skeete, and Polinda Keo.  With colleagues in sister programs at New York University and the University at Buffalo, CIEPP hosted a reception for conference participants.

CIES, 2008.  CIEPP faculty and students will participate in the Comparative and International Education Society Annual Meeting, March 17-21, 2008, in New York City.  Meeting participants are invited to attend a reception, co-hosted by CIEPP and Boston College’s Center for International Higher Education, during the conference.  Information on date and venue will be provided with the meeting program.


Visiting Scholars

CIEPP and EAPS welcome international visiting scholars interested in pursuing cutting-edge research in global policy studies.  International visiting scholars are located in CIEPP and its “home” department, EAPS, for short visits to academic semesters or longer.  Although arrangements vary, visiting scholars are usually provided space, internet access, library access, and opportunities to participate in CIEPP, EAPS, and School of Education scholarly exchange and activities.  Capacity to host such visits is limited.  Inquiries may be sent directly to CIEPP, via EAPS [Phone contact:  (518) 442-5080, Carm Colfer]

In 2007, EAPS, with CIEPP and PROPHE, hosted Professor Juan Carlos Silas, University of Monterrey, Mexico.  Professor Youxiang Ke, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China will join EAPS, CIEPP and PROPHE as a Visiting Scholar in December.  In addition, EAPS with CASDA and the Germantown Central School District, is hosting Visiting Scholar Mr. Yang Ling, educator, Guangdong Province, China.