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Publications and Presentations

Shifting public-private dynamics     Quality_and_accountability   

CIEPPs core and collaborating faculty publish their scholarly work in this field in journals, books and book chapters, and reports and make presentations to scholarly and policy groups.  In addition to participation in professional conferences, recent publications and presentations include:

Shifting public-private dynamics
(see also PROPHE])


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Quality and accountability

(See also EERC)

Valverde, G.  “La interpretación justificada y el uso apropriado de los resultados de las medciones (The correct interpretation and appropriate use of the results of assessments)”.  In P. Arregui, Ed. Sore Estándares y evaluaciones en America Latina (On standards and evaluation in Latin America), PREAL Working Group on Standards and Evaluation, Santiago, Chile, 2006.

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Wagner, A. (2007), “Are we competitive globally?”, keynote address, 15th Annual Education Finance Summit, 2007 theme:  Preparing Students for a Global Economy, National Conference of State Legislatures, Denver, February 16, 2007.