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Aaron Benavot

Aaron Benavot (Ph.D., Stanford University, Sociology) is Professor, with interests in global education policy and comparative education research. Previously, he served as Senior Policy Analyst on the Education for All Global Monitoring Report team at Unesco-Paris. The most recent GMR report, Overcoming Inequality: Why Governace Matters, was released in January 2009. Active internationally, Benavot has held faculty posts or visiting appointments at universities throughout Europe and been involved in EU-sponsored research programs. He serves on the Board of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES).
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Professor Benavot's Curriculum Vitae (MSWord format)

Daniel C. Levy

Daniel C. Levy (Ph.D., Political Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill). SUNY Distinguished Professor, Levy is Director of the Program for Research on Private Higher Education (PROPHE), a long-term global project and international network of scholars. Levy's eight books – most recently, To Export Progress:  The Golden Age of University Assistance in the Americas (Indiana University Press) -- and over one-hundred articles concentrate on higher education policy globally, related non-profit sectors, and Latin American politics. He holds joint appointment in the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies and is affiliated with the Departments of Political Science and the University-wide Public Policy program.  Levy is co-author of the Inter-American Development Bank’s first co-author of the Inter-American Development Banks’ first ever Policy paper on higher education, published as Myth, Reality and Reform: Higher Education Policy in Latin America.  Levy has lectured on six continents and at almost all the leading U.S. universities.  He is much sought after as consultant.  

Gilbert A. Valverde

Gilbert A. Valverde (Ph.D., Education, The University of Chicago). Associate Professor of Education Administration and Policy Studies, Valverde currently focuses on evaluation, standards, indicator systems and other aspects of curricular policies in the U.S., other developed countries, and the developing world (especially Latin America). Dr. Valverde is director and principal investigator of the USAID-funded Educational Evaluation Research Consortium (EERC), a longitudinal study of learning and educational opportunity having as its aim to build a sustainable, effective monitoring and evaluation system for improved education policy and policy implementation in the Dominican Republic.  He continues as a member of the U.S. Research Center for the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and of the Working Group on Standards and Evaluation in the Program to Promote Educational Reform in Latin America (PREAL).  His published work appears in, among others, Comparative Education Review, The Peabody Journal of Education, and the International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Practice.  In 2006, he was appointed Fulbright Senior Specialist for work in curriculum policy, testing and evaluation.

Alan P. Wagner

Alan P. Wagner (Ph.D., Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, Wagner has broad interests and cross-national expertise in education and training policies.  Under CIEPPs quality and accountability theme, Wagner’s current work focuses on comparative measures of performance of educational systems at national and sub-national levels.  He contributes as an advisor to the state-by-state higher education report card, Measuring Up;  his report, Measuring Up, Internationally:  Developing Knowledge and Skills for the Global Knowledge Economy, was released by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education in 2006.  An economist, he also is exploring patterns for life-cycle financing of learning, drawing on differences in approaches and experiences among countries.  Wagner returned to the U.S. in 2001 after 14 years with the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.


Collaborating Faculty

Joseph Burke, Ph.D., Indiana University.  Accountability and performance management, funding and reporting in higher education. 

Anthony Cresswell, Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University.  Information systems and financial analysis.

Philip Foster, Ph.D., University of Chicago.  Socioeconomic dimensions of educational development.

Kevin Kinser, Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University.  Non-traditional and alternative higher education, particularly for-profit and virtual universities; student affairs; higher education administration.

Jason Lane, Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University.  Politics of higher education; accountability and governance;  transnational education.

Hal Lawson, Ph.D., University of Michigan.  Partnership models involving schools, families, communities and universities.

Heinz-Dieter Meyer, Ph.D., Cornell University.  Institutional and comparative perspectives on organizational administration, especially education.

Kathryn Schiller, Ph.D., University of Chicago.  Sociology of education, including state policies, student achievement, and students’ trajectories.

Pamela Théroux, Ph.D. Columbia University;  M.S. (international educational development), Teachers’ College, Columbia University.  Sociology of education, teaching and learning in and out of the classroom, including information technologies.



CIEPP Students

Jorge Arenas, Ph.D. candidate (Mexico), higher education.

Lu Chen, Ph.D. candidate (China), K-12/ policy and law

Yingxia Cao, Ph.D. candidate (China), higher education

Mary Beth Collier, Ph.D. student (U.S.), higher education

Joanna Demurat, M.S. (Poland), higher education

Sirina Galimullina, visiting student (Russian Federation), policy and law

Lusine Ghazaryan, Ph.D. student (xxx), public health/higher education

Kay Hinds-Skeete, Ph.D. student (Barbados), higher education

Hirosuke Honda, Ph.D. student (Japan), higher education

Joesty Hung, M.S. (Taiwan), policy and law

Polinda Keo, Ph.D. student (Cambodia), policy and law

Georgia Kioukis, Ph.D. student (U.S.), K-12/policy and law

Makoto Nagasawa, Ph.D. student (Japan), higher education

Orpha Ongiti, Ph.D. candidate (Kenya), policy and law

Pachayani Praphmontripong, Ph.D. student (Thailand), higher education

Marcelo Rabossi, Ph.D. candidate (Argentina), higher education

Renzo  Roncagliolo, Ph.D. candidate (Peru), policy and law

Bong Hee Ryu, M.S. (Korea), policy and law

Raquel Sanmiguel, Ph.D. student (xxx), Spanish/higher education

Ancell Scheker Mendoza, Ph.D. student (Dominican Republic), K-12/policy and law

Layheng Ting, Ph.D. student (Cambodia), higher education

Jargalmaa Tsendjav, Ph.D. student (Mongolia), higher education

Yi-jung Wu, Ph.D. candidate (Taiwan), policy and law

Hui Xu, M.S. (China), K-12

Gloria Rosaz Zambrano, Ph.D. student (Peru), policy and law

Gonzalo Zapata, Ph.D. student (Chile), higher education

Bibigul Zhakupova, M.S. (Kazakstan), higher education/policy and law

Chunyue Zhang, Ph.D. student (China), policy and law


People in the News

Levy named 2007 Collins Fellow.  Daniel Levy, CIEPP core faculty, has been named 2007 Collins Fellow.  The award is the highest recognition granted by the University at Albany for a substantial record of service, on- and off-campus, in the course of a career at the university.

Wagner on Indicators.  Alan Wagner, CIEPP core faculty, has been invited to join a small group of experts advising the National Center on Public Policy on Higher Education on the future of the Center’s biannual state-by-state report card on higher education, Measuring Up.

Lane and Théroux join EAPS and CIEPP.  Jason Lane and Pamela Théroux, Assistant Professors in EAPS, have joined CIEPP as collaborating faculty.  Lane, a specialist on politics and governance of higher education, is looking into transnational education.  Theroux, a sociologist, has training in international education development and experience as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Scheker honored in Dominican Republic. Ancel Schecker-Mendoza, Ph.D. Student in EAPS and CIEPP and a Fulbright Fellow, has been recognized as an Outstanding Young Dominican by the Jaycees ’72 (International Junior Chamber) for achievement and contribution to the community and country.

Bastiens dissertation to be published by Routledge.  Jo Bastiens, Ph.D. 2007, will publish his dissertation in Routledge’s Studies in Higher Education series, under the title International Assistance and State-University Relations.


EAPS and CIEPP faculty search.

The Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies and its Comparative International Education Policy Program seek applicants for a senior position in global education policy. This is a new position, established by the University on the basis of a campus-wide competitive round to identify and build on excellence. Applications are welcomed from those with academic experience as well as those who have had ample, relevant experience in international agencies or leadership positions. Posting details can be found here.