ETAP 777: Methods of Qualitative Research in Education

Fall, 2004









Welcome to the website for ETAP 777. This site provides information about ETAP 777 and serves as a primary resource for students in this course.

This course is intended to introduce students to important epistemological, methodological, and ethical issues in qualitative research, with a focus on ethnographic research. It is designed to enable students to acquire a basic understanding of techniques of research design, data collection and analysis, and representation of results; to acquaint students with major issues and problems associated with those techniques; and to help students gain insight into the complexities of qualitative research. Ideally, the course will enable students to design their own studies and give them a sufficient background to conduct qualitative research.

To conduct useful qualitative research requires much experience and knowledge--much more than can be acquired in a single semester. Therefore, as a student in this course you should understand the course as an introduction--and a kind of work-in-progress. You should also think of it as a collaborative endeavor: We will work together to explore the issues associated with conducting qualitative research and help one another gain a sufficient understanding of qualitative methodology to conduct well-designed studies in our respective disciplines. In this sense, the course will be hands-on, and what happens in the course will be determined in large measure by your interests and your participation. So be prepared to roll up your sleeves and learn about research. If all goes well, we will engage in a substantive shared inquiry about qualitative research that will continue beyond the current semester.

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