ETAP 655L: Perspectives on Teaching Composition in the Secondary School
Spring, 2008

Guidelines for the Mid-Term Self-Evaluation









Your mid-term self-evaluation will be a brief reflective essay in which you offer a thoughtful and candid evaluation of your work in the course to that point (March 18th). In your essay you should discuss your work as a writer in the course and how your thinking about writing and writing instruction might have been influenced by that work and by related work in the course (such as the assigned readings, the roundtable discussions, etc.). This essay should be a window into your thinking about your work that will provide an opportunity for feedback about your work.

Your essay should also address in a preliminary way the three main questions that this course poses:

  1. What is writing?

  2. Why should we teach writing in secondary schools? and

  3. How should we teach writing in secondary schools?

In other words, at this point in the semester, how would you begin to answer those questions, based on your work on this course and the thinking you have done about writing and writing instruction? Given the relatively short length of this essay, you can't address these questions in depth. But you can begin to convey your thinking about them. In that sense, you might think of this essay as the beginning of the rationale you will write for the final course project, the unit plan.

Submission Guidelines

This is an informal essay, so adopt an appropriate tone and style. It should be no more than about 800 words in length.

Deadline: March 18.

Please submit your essay via email to Bob Yagelski (

This assignment will not be graded as a separate essay, but it is a required piece of writing and will count as part of your participation grade for the course.