English 521:
Composition Theory and Pedagogy

Week-by-Week Outline

Fall Semester, 1999

NOTE: CT refers to Cross-Talk in Comp Theory, edited by Victor Villanueva; CWW refers to Contending With Words, edited by Harkin & Schilb. Readings not included in either of these volumes can be found in the course packet. For more specific bibliographic information about the readings referred to below, see Readings.

September 9

Introduction to course
What is Composition?
Begin Segment 1: What is Writing?
September 16

Writing as Process
Readings: Elbow, Writing Without Teachers; Lauer, "Rhetorical Approach"; Murray, "Writing as Process"; Perl, "Understanding Composing"; Yagelski, "Who's Afraid."
September 23

Writing as Process, continued: Cognitive Perspectives
Draft of Short Essay due
Readings: Flower & Hayes, "Cognitive Process" (CT); Emig, "Mode of Learning" (CT); Rose, "Language" (CT); Perl, "Composing Processes" (CT); Sommers, "Revision Strategies" (CT); Bizzell, "Cognition" (CT).
September 30

Writing as a Social Act
Short Essay due
Readings: Lunsford and Ede, "Audience"; Bruffee, "Collaborative Learning"; Myers, "Reality, Consensus, and Reform"; Trimbur "Consensus and Difference" (all from CT).
October 7 Approaches to Teaching Writing
Begin Segment 2: How Should We Teach Writing?
Readings: Murray, "Teach Writing" (CT); Jarratt, "Feminism and Composition" (CWW); Kinneavy, "Aims" (CT); Berlin, "Major Theories" (CT); Sommers, "Between the Drafts."
October 14 What is the Purpose of Teaching Writing?
Readings: Bartholomae and Elbow Debate (CT, 479-510)
October 21 Power and Diversity in Teaching Writing
Readings: Delpit, "Silenced Dialogue" (CT); Bartholomae, "Inventing" (CT); Flynn, "Composing as a Woman" (CT).
October 28 Group Presentations
Readings: To Be Announced.
November 4 Group Presentations
Readings: To Be Announced.
November 11 Begin Segment 3: The Discipline of Composition
Begin Course Project
Readings: North, Making of Knowledge; Harkin, "Politics of Lore" (CWW)
November 18 The Discipline of Composition, continued.
Readings: Berlin, "Rhetoric" (CT); Hairston, "Diversity" (CT); Clifford, "Subject in Discourse" (CWW); Introduction to CWW; Harris and Rosen, "Cultural Criticism."
November 25 No Class (Thanksgiving Break)
December 2 Where Do We Go From Here?
Readings: Faigley, "Turbulence"; Yagelski, "Literacy."
December 9 Last Class Meeting
Brief Presentations on Course Projects
December 16 Course Projects due

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