English 303Z
Fall, 1997
Instructor: Robert Yagelski

Student Writings from English 303Z

Below you'll find links to some of the essays and other writings completed by students in English 303Z during fall semester, 1997. There are also links to some essays written by students in English 303Z in previous semesters. These links change throughout the semester as new writings are added. Stop by periodically to see what's here.

Note: These essays are the property of the students who wrote them and cannot be used or republished without their permission. Please contact the course instructor if you would like to reproduce these essays in any form.

Essay 1: Personal Narrative

submitted September 23, 1997

Essay #2: Reflective Analysis

submitted October, 1997

Essay #3: Theoretical Analysis

submitted November 4, 1997

Essays From Previous Semesters

Essay 1

Essay 3

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