ENGLISH 494: Writing and Tutoring

Spring, 2002

Course Requirements

These are the main requirements in this course

  1. Complete three formal writing assignments.

  2. Make a brief presentation to the class on grammar, usage, or style and submit a brief written report as part of that presentation.

  3. Observe weekly in the Writing Center and submit written commentaries on your observations.

  4. Conduct a tutorial in the Writing Center and write a report/self-critique on it.

  5. Participate in both in-class and online discussions about course readings and issues.

  6. Read the assigned texts and come to class prepared to discuss them.

  7. Complete a portfolio.

  8. Attend all class meetings.

If you complete these requirements successfully, you will do well in this course and be eligible for a position on the Writing Center staff.

Please refer to the course grading policies for information on how attendance and participation will affect your grade in this course.

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