ENGLISH 494: Writing and Tutoring

Spring, 2002

Grading and Related Course Policies

Grades in this course will break down as follows:

Writing Center Commentaries 20%
Grammar Presentation and Paper 15%
Online and In-class Discussions 15%
Portfolio 50%

Please note that you will not receive separate grades for the three essay assignments or for the tutorial report. These will be graded as part of your portfolio. Also, the Writing Center Commentaries will be graded together at the end of the semester rather than individually. At mid-semester, you will receive an evaluation so that you'll have a sense of my assessment of your performance in the class up to that point.

Attendance and Participation

It should go without saying that you need to come to class in order to benefit from the course and to prepare adequately for work as a tutor. It should also go without saying that you are expected to participate in course activities. Such participation will influence your grade. Please note these policies regarding attendance: you are allowed one unexplained absence during the semester. Use it wisely. An additional absence may result in the lowering of your final grade by one letter; more than two absences may result in a failing grade for the course.


Plagiarism is a very serious transgression that can result in your failing this course and even in your dismissal from the University. Please be familiar with University policies regarding plagiarism and academic integrity, and bear in mind that I consider it to be the most serious offense a student can commit in a course such as this one.

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