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Composition Theory and Pedagogy

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What's New in English 521

Week 9, October 22, 2001

Note: This page will be updated periodically throughout the semester to provide information about course events or assignments. Announcements will sometimes be made via email or WebCT, but check this page periodically for additional information.

  1. Just a reminder that the revised version of your second essay is due by class on Tuesday, October 23rd.

  2. Please remember that our class meeting for this week (on October 23rd) will be held in Digital Workshop II in the New Science Library. I'll make an announcement about this change in location in class on Tuesday, October 16th. This change will only be for October 23rd. On the 30th, we'll meet in our regular classroom in BA 216.

  3. I have made some changes to the schedule for readings in the coming weeks. I'll announce these in class, but please make a note of them. All of these changes relate to the assigned readings from Erika Lindemann's A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers:

    • For November 6, please add Lindemann, chapter 14.

    • For November 13, please read Lindemann, chapter 15.

    • For November 27, delete Lindemann, chapters 9 and 10 and keep Lindemann chapters 8 and 13.

    • For December 4, please read Lindemann, chapters 7, 9, and 12.

  4. Don't forget to log into our WebCT site to read the summary/responses papers that should be posted by Monday each week and to post your own comments about those papers or the week's readings. As some of you know, there have been some lively and useful discussions on WebCT in recent weeks, and I'd like to encourage everyone to join in.