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Xiao X, Hall CK, Agris PF. (2013) The design of a peptide sequence to inhibit HIV replication: a search algorithm combining Monte Carlo and self-consistent mean field techniques. J Biomol Struct Dyn. 2013 Oct 23 [Epub ahead of print]

Harris KA, Shekhtman A, Agris PF (2013) Specific protein-RNA interactions detected with saturation transfer difference NMR. RNA Biol 10: 1307-11.

Cantara WA, Murphy FV 4th, Demirci H, Agris PF. (2013)
Expanded use of sense codons is regulated by modified cytidines in tRNA. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110: 10964-9.

Rodriguez-Hernandez A, Spears JL, Gaston KW, Limbach PA, Gamper H, Hou YM, Kaiser R, Agris PF, Perona JJ. (2013) Structural and Mechanistic Basis for Enhanced Translational Efficiency by 2-Thiouridine at the tRNA Anticodon Wobble Position. J Mol Biol 425: 3888-906.

Hakker L, Marchi AN, Harris KA, Labean TH, Agris PF. (2013)
Structural and thermodynamic analysis of modified nucleosides in self-assembled DNA cross-tiles. J Biomol Struct Dyn. 2013 Mar 25. [Epub ahead of print]

Francis SP, Katz J, Fanning KD, Harris KA, Nicholas BD, Lacy M, Pagana J, Agris PF, Shin JB. (2013)
A novel role of cytosolic protein synthesis inhibition in aminoglycoside ototoxicity. J Neurosci. 33: 3079-93.

Cantara WA, Bilbille Y, Kim J, Kaiser R, Leszczyńska G, Malkiewicz A, Agris PF. (2012)
Modifications modulate anticodon loop dynamics and codon recognition of E. coli tRNA(Arg1,2). J Mol Biol. 416: 579-97.

Vendeix FA, Murphy FV 4th, Cantara WA, Leszczyńska G, Gustilo EM, Sproat B, Malkiewicz A, Agris PF. (2012)
Human tRNA(Lys3)(UUU) is pre-structured by natural modifications for cognate and wobble codon binding through keto-enol tautomerism. J Mol Biol. 416:467-85.

Harris KA, Jones V, Bilbille Y, Swairjo MA, Agris PF. (2011)
YrdC exhibits properties expected of a subunit for a tRNA threonylcarbamoyl transferase. RNA. 17:1678-87.

Graham WD, Barley-Maloney L, Stark CJ, Kaur A, Stolarchuk C, Sproat B, Leszczynska G, Malkiewicz A, Safwat N, Mucha P, Guenther R, Agris PF. (2011)
Functional recognition of the modified human tRNALys3(UUU) anticodon domain by HIV's nucleocapsid protein and a peptide mimic. J Mol Biol. 410: 698-715.

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Agris, P.F. (2008) Bringing order to translation: Contributions of tRNA anticodon domain modifications. EMBO Reports 9: 629-635.

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