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Welcome to this MBA class on "Strategic Management" — whether you are an enrolled student or an online visitor. This page is my attempt to gather resources useful for students in this course as well as for students and practitioners elsewhere anywhere around the globe. Please make yourself at home, browse around as long as you like, and feel free to try anything at all. It emphasizes my interests in strategic vision and commitment; executive leadership; organizational learning and transformation; technology transfer; cross-culture management and organization; corporate social responsibility and business ethics; and strategic and pedagogical use of information technology. I’m still developing this page and would certainly appreciate your feedback.

The pace of organizational change is dizzying. Economical, social, political, and technological pressures have forced managers to consider new product and market strategies and new approaches to organizing work. Many of the old principles seem obsolete while others have taken on a whole new life. For example, we are finding that the traditional distinction between formulating strategy on one hand and designing organizations to implement strategy on the other no longer makes practical sense. The complex problems that define today’s business world require more flexible organizations, ones that can literally "think on their feet" and have the freedom to quickly adjust their design to the strategic imperatives of the moment. Business schools have been responding to the evolving needs of businesspeople with a host of new integrative concepts which transcend the traditional boundaries between the economics of strategy and the sociology of organizations. They describe the essence of what organizations now require to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s business world.

Course Materials:

*       Class Syllabus: Campus MBA Program

*       Text: Marcus, Management Strategy: Achieving Sustained Competitive Advantage (2nd ed., McGraw-Hill: 2010) available at (ISBN # 978-007793799-7)

*       GLO-BUS Management Simulation:

*       Harvard Business Review articles: available at Electronic Reserves

Possible Sessions:

1.             The Strategic Management Process: Creating the Future

2.             Vision, Mission, Values

3.             Industry Analysis and Competitive Dynamics

4.             Sustainable Competitive Advantage and the Resource - Based View

5.             Business- and Functional-Level Strategies

6.             Corporate-Level Strategy

7.             International Strategies

8.             Strategy Implementation and Execution

9.             Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation

10.          Strategic Leadership: Corporate Renewal and Transformation

11.          Strategic Change