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Welcome to this page on "International Business" ó it is my attempt to gather resources useful for students in this course as well as for students and practitioners elsewhere anywhere around the globe. Please make yourself at home, browse as long as you like, and feel free to try anything you want to. Iím still developing this page and would certainly appreciate your feedback!

Course Materials:

*       Class Syllabus: Campus MBA Program

*       Text: Peng, Global Strategy (Thomson South-Western: 2006)

*   Supplementary: Friedman, The World Is Flat (Farrar, Straus and Giroux: rev. 2006)

*       GLO-BUS Management Simulation:

*       Harvard Business Review articles: available at Electronic Reserves

Possible Topics:

1.             Globalization and the New World Order

2.             Cross-Culture Comparison

3.             Political/Legal Env. & Gov't Relations

4.             Location, Entry, & Ownership

5.             Finance, Information, and Control

6.             Human Resource Management

7.             Marketing

8.             Organization Structure

9.             Production, Outsourcing, & Logistics

10.          R&D & Technology Transfer

11.          Alliances & Joint Ventures

12.          Social Responsibility & Bus. Ethics

13.          Ecology & the Natural Environment