OUC's ESL Pronunciation Online
This English pronunciation website introduces six units
which are consisted of the most difficult to pronounce and
distinguish from each other. In each unit, learners practice
the sounds by minimal pairs, tongue twisters, and dictation.
Using Quick Time movie, learners can see how to correctly
make the each sound.

Sound of English
Information about English pronunciation for learners and
teachers. Includes sounds of all English phonemes, videos of
selected sounds, exercises and activities, links to other
websites for ESL listening, speaking, and pronunciation,
tips for teachers, and links to conference presentations
about Using technology in ESL teaching.

Emily's pronunciation classroom
This website is for English pronunciation instruction. There
are four lessons, vowels, consonants, word stress, and
sentence rhythm. In each lesson, learners practice minimal
pairs, listening exercise, and tongue twister. This site is
well organized by units and easy to follow navigation of the

Tree or Three?
This English pronunciation site is for high beginner and
intermediate learners of English as a second or foreign
language. It helps learners to recognize and pronounce the
individual sounds of English and to differentiate sounds
they often confuse.Two pairs of sounds, /l/ vs /r/ and /s/
vs /z/, which are the most difficult to distinguish from
each other will be explained and practiced by minimal pairs.
Learners also can take tests for self-evaluation after
studying Lessons and Exercises in each lesson.



Activities for ESL Students
A great collection of more than 1000 activities including vocabulary and grammar quizzes, crossword puzzles, a section for teachers, recommended links, and bilingual quizzes for more than a dozen languages. The quizzes are grouped according to level of difficulty.

English Exercises Online
Interactive quizzes and exercises to improve vocabulary, grammar, reading, spelling, and listening comprehension; ready-to-use handouts; weekly lessons; international news updates; a chatroom; and links to ESL resources.


Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
The Purdue Writing Lab is primarily a tutorial center for writers who want to work one-to-one with a tutor at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. However, over the years the Lab's services have expanded to include workshops and other resources for instructors, students, and staff. The Lab serves the entire Purdue community and offers outreach services to Internet users around the world via our Online Writing Lab (OWL).

Pizzaz! People Interested in Zippy and Zanny Zcribbing
PIZZAZ! is dedicated to providing simple creative writing and oral storytelling activities with copyable (yes, copyable!) handouts for use with students of all ages. Permission is given to use these resources for in-class, non-profit use only.

ESL 471: Advanced Writing
College and university professors expect their students to be able to produce well-formed writing in a variety of patterns and styles. These include: narration; description; process and cause/effect analysis; classification; comparison/contrast; critiques, definition and argumentation. Students should know how to "write-up" or "mark-up" their textbooks and how to organize and write a typical essay exam question. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills in all these types of writing.

Resources for Teachers of English
Links to online TEFL/TESL resources. Interactive tests and quizzes, writing and speaking activities.

Writing Center

Online resource to lead writers through the process of English composition.

Computer Assisted Sentence Production
Interactive guided-writing exercises. Learners provide data and short answers that the program uses to generate several correct versions of sentences and paragraphs. To enhance speed, the site excludes graphics, sound, or animation. Link to language games

Large site providing instruction and quizzes in grammar, spelling, reading, and writing; references for verbs, prepositions, and study skills; idioms, games, and jokes; printable handouts and links for teachers.

Guide to Grammar & Writing
Well-organized advanced grammar site offering instruction in sentence-level, paragraph-level, and essay-level grammar and writing problems. Users may submit grammar questions, take 170+ interactive quizzes, use dictionaries and other resources, and send feedback to Professor Darling.

Essay Punch
Commercial product that proposes a topic and leads online learners through each step in the process of composing an essay: an introduction to the subject, pre-writing, finding a thesis, building an outline, writing an introductory paragraph, writing the body, organizing, creating coherence, writing a conclusion, reviewing the first draft, editing the content, style, sentence structure, and grammar, proofreading, and publishing.

Free tutorials to improve reading and writing skills at three levels of difficulty: words, sentences, and paragraphs. This site suitable for both adolescent and adult learners includes featured topics, quizzes, writing tips, a discussion group, and suggestions for incorporating the lessons into traditional class curricula. RealPlayer allows learners to hear words and sentences as they read them.

Email Projects HomePage
The purpose of this website is to develop collaborative learning online. Although most of the activities were developed with ESL students in mind, the projects are inherently interesting and particpants participate from all disciplines.


Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Learners of English language can practice their listening skills in a variety of contexts, from daily conversations to academic purposes. The listening exercises are categorized by level of difficulty: easy, medium, and difficult. Each exercise includes three parts: a pre-listening exercise, a listening exercise with a quiz, and a post-listening exercise. Learners can choose to review the quiz script while simultaneously reviewing their answers from the listening exercise.

Interesting Things for ESL Students: English Listening Room
This website contains a number of downloadable English songs. The lyrics for the songs are written in a quiz format with some lyrics omitted. ESL learners can listen to the song repeatedly to extract the missing written lyrics from the spoken text.

The ESL Wonderland: Listening Activities
There are two types of listening activities on this site, daily news listening and thematic listening. The daily news listening exercises include excerpts from PBS, CNN, ABC, and MSNBC. Most thematic listening activities include a vocabulary preview, a listening quiz, and a post-listening exercise.

Learning Oral English Online
Ten dialogues, typical of daily conversations assist intermediate ESL learners in improving their listening comprehension and speaking skills. ESL learners can read the script while listening to the dialogue.

Aural Help
This site provides a large collection of interactive listening activities and resource links. Both listening exercises and listening resources can be found on this page, including the ability to listen to single words, sounds, daily conversations, and music to news, speech, and debate on BBC website.


French taught through a murder mystery, with interactive exercises that provide clues for the solution of the murder, while at the same time reviewing grammar and vocabulary.Grammar is addressed at four different proficiency levels. Target language is used exclusively. Very contemporary, standard French.

Accord: exercices auto correctifs
This web-based companion to the Accord textbook (published by Didier) can bebest described as a self-correcting exercise book for beginners and low-intermediate learners. Oriented toward grammatical accuracy, they also require that the learner know basic vocabulary and idioms, discriminate between common homonyms, understand simple sentence structures and react appropriately to various, simple situations.


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