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Social Work Faculty in Aging
[*] The Institute of Gerontology
[*] Aging-Related Research Projects at University at Albany
[*] Fort Orange Village

Social Work Faculty in Aging

[*] Julie S. Abramson:

[*] Anne (Ricky)Fortune:

[*] Philip McCallion:

[*] Susan R. Sherman:

[*] Ronald W. Toseland:

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The Institute of Gerontology

The Institute of Gerontology is the centerpiece of the University at Albany’s multi-pronged approach to the needs of the rapidly growing population of older persons in the Capital District, New York State, and the nation. Its priorities include:

[*] Applied gerontological research with caregivers of terminally ill persons, care of dementia patients, and health education groups in HMOs
[*] Strengthening interdisciplinary partnerships with state and local organizations
[*] Research and demonstration projects
[*] Funding for educational, research, practice and training opportunities
[*] Advancing services for older persons in the Capital District
[*] Through the Center for Excellence in Aging Service (director, Anne E. Fortune), implementing educational programs such as the Hartford Internships in Aging
[*] Center for Research, directed by Philip McCallion, generating funded research projects

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Aging-Related Research Projects at University at Albany

An evaluation of the FDCE program for spouse caregivers of persons with dementia

A two year controlled evaluation of the effectiveness of a psychoeducational program to assist spouses in addressing problem behaviors among community dwelling persons with dementia. Funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation. 1999-2001.

End of life care program

Evaluation of the implementation of the Fair Care End of Life Care Program. Funded by Cummings Foundation.

Health education in an HMO: Efficiency and effectiveness

A four year project to examine the impact of health education groups on the psycho-social well-being and health care utilization of persons with chronic mental illnesses and their spousal caregivers. Funded by the Agency on Health Care Policy and Research. 1997-2001.

Health education support groups

A four year study of the effectiveness of health education support groups for frail veterans and their wives. Funded by U.S. Veterans Administration Health Services and Research Development Office.

Impact of Reiki as an alternative therapeutic intervention for nursing home residents experiencing dementia

A twenty month cntrolled evaluation of the effectiveness of Reiki for reducing nursing home resident problem behaviors. Funded by the NYS Department of Health. 1999-2000.

Preparing community agencies for adults affected by dementia

A three year research development project to establish best practices for the care of persons with developmental disabilities who develop dementia. Funded by the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 1998-2000.

Promoting Postive Behaviors (PPB): A Team Approach

A two year controlled evaluation of the effectiveness of a team-based intervention to address problem behaviors among nuring home residents with dementia. Funded by the NYS Department of Health. 2000-2002.

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Fort Orange Village (Intergenerational residential community on campus):

University at Albany is developing a truly innovative university-affiliated intergenerational residential community on campus.

Its goal is to develop with private partners a residential community featuring:

[*] Intergenerational housing serving faculty emeriti and professional retirees along with students with children
[*] A child-care center providing services to students and an opportunity for volunteerism for resident retirees
[*] A community and recreational center offering educational and social programming that integrates community life with university life, including educational programming offered for and by all residents, including senior residents

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