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Social Work Careers in Aging

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Why Careers in Aging?
[*] Career Options in Aging
[*] Employment Opportunities/Job Search

Why Careers in Aging?

The number of aging persons in the United States is increasing. Older persons live longer, maintain good health longer, and face increasingly diversified challenges and needs as they age. Services needed by aging persons range from retirement planning, leisure activity, and housing adaptation to bereavement counseling, hospice care, and spiritual integration. Geriatric social workers are at the forefront developing and providing service to aging persons.

In the Capital District of New York, the needs and opportunities are great. You can make a difference serving older persons as a geriatric social worker developing and providing services to aging persons.

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Career Options in Aging

The variety and number of employment settings for social work with older people are expanding as the population ages. The following are just a few examples:

picture [*] Active retirement planner
[*] Case coordinator managing related services
[*] Family counselor
[*] Liaison and support for caregivers
[*] Program manager for assisted living
[*] Addictions specialist
[*] Medical social worker
[*] Hospice social worker
[*] Grief and bereavement counselor
[*] Policy advocate
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Employment Opportunities/Job Search

* Social Work Job Search

The following web sites list a number of social work job opportunities throughout the country.

[*] Social Work and Social Services Jobs Online:
[*] The New Social Worker Online Career Center:
[*] The New Social Worker Online Job Page:

* Local Job Search

Looking for a job around the Capital Region? The following local newspapers have web sites with classified ads:

[*] Times Union (Albany):
[*] The Daily Gazette (Schenectady):
[*] The Berkshire Eagle (Berkshire):
[*] The Independent (Columbia, Rensselaer, Dutchess, and Greene Counties.):

* On-Campus Resource

University at Albany Career Development Center provides a variety of services, such as resume writing guidance and job search. Its web site also has a number of links to helpful resources.

[*] University at Albany Career Development Center:

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