PAD 637: Social and Organizatinal Networks

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Crouch/Wasserman: A Practical Guide ot Fitting P* Social Network Models and prepstar.exe (Zipped)

Asher/Parker 3rd Graders (Zipped UCINET - sociomatrix & attribute data)

Asher/Parker 4th Graders (Zipped UCINET - sociomatrix & attribute data)

Asher/Parker 5th Graders (Zipped UCINET - sociomatrix & attribute date)

Asher/Parker 4th Grade Prepstar Files (Zipped)

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   Other Data Sets

All datasets compressed using Zip; all contain two files - ##h & ##d

All Datasets Included with UCINET VI
  Breiger, Ronald L. (1974). The duality of persons and groups. Social Forces, 53,
181-190. [ Description | Data ]

Doreian, Patrick. (1988). Using multiple network analytic tools for a single
social network. Social Networks, 10, 287-312. [ Description | Data ]

Faust, Katherine. (1997). Centrality in affiliation networks. Social Networks, 19, 157-
191. [ Description | Data ]

Fershtman, Meir. (1997). Cohesive group detection in a social network by the segregation
matrix index. Social Networks, 19 (1997). 193-207. [ Description | Data ]

Freeman, Linton C. and Douglas R. White. (1993). “Using Galois lattices
to represent network data.” In Marsden, Peter V. (ed.), Sociological Methodology 1993.
Oxford, United Kingdom: Basil Blackwell, Ltd. [ Description | Data ]

Homans, George C. (1950). The Human Group. New York:
Wiley. [ Description | Data ]

Mcgrath, Cathleen, Jim Blyth, and David Krackhardt. (1997) The effect of spatial arrangement on
judgments and errors in interpreting graphs. Social Networks,19, (1997). 223-242. [ Description | Data ]

Scott, J. and M. Hughes. (1980). The Anatomy of Scottish Capital.
London: Croom Helm [ Description | Data ]


[Social and Organizational Networks]

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