PAD 637: Social and Organizational Networks

Problem Sets
Problem Set Questions

Problem Set #0: Getting to Know UCINET VI

Problem Set #1: Connectedness, Centrality, and Centralization

Problem Set #2: Cohesive Subgroups & Core/Periphery Structures

Problem Set #3: Visualizing Networks

Problem Set #4: Working With Two-Mode Data

Problem Set #5: Positional/Blockmodel Analysis

Problem Set #6: Abstract equivalence

Problem Set #7: Handling Egocentric Network Data

Problem Set #8: The P* Model


All datasets compressed using Zip; all contain two files - ##h & ##d
  BankWiring Room Data

Krackhardt High Tech Managers

Davis, Davis, & Gardner Southern Women (2-mode)

Bernard & Killworth Ham Radio

Galaskiewicz CEOs and Clubs

Padgett Florentine Families

All Materials for Problem Set #8 (400K)


[ Social and Organizational Networks]

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