PAD 637: Social and Organizational Networks

Links to Other Social Network Resources on the Web


Analytic Technology Maker of UCINET, the leading social network analysis (SNA) package.
International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) Organization that sponsors the SUNBELT conferences, the premier acadeic conference on the subject. as well as Social Networks, Connections, and the SOCNET LISTSERV.
SOCNET Key LISTSERV on SNA; this page gives you subscription instructions
INSNA Bibliography One of the most comprehensive bibliographies available on SNA and related topics.
INSNA Researchers List This page has links (that usually work) to the home page of many prominent SNA scholars.
Barry Wellman Link to one of my absolute favorite authors who uses SNA methods prominently.
David Knoke's Social Network's Course If I'm not getting the point across, try this linke - to the home page for David Knoke's course...
Steve Borgatti's Social Network's Course Or try a tutorial from the godfather of UCINET himself.
SIENA Longitutidinal social network analysis is a growing area in the field of SNA and is something I am personally looking into. Here is a link to the leading analysis package.
Studying Online Social Networks A nice paper on using SNA to study the Internet.
North American Association of
Computational Social and Organizational Science
New group that is focused on computation social science, with special interest in organizational studies. Their first annual conference was held in 2003; this may become an important venue for organizational SNA work in the future.
Vancouver Network Analysis Team Group that specializes in creating new SNA software.
P* Logit Model for Social Network Analysis Home page for the P* development team. Home page for Valdis Krebs, who markets a variety of software products to industry that are used to audit internal social networks. Also has references to some interesting papers on terrorist networks.
Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends Here is a particular entry in this web log (or "blog" in web-speak) that highlights some emerging analysis tools - obviously this list has a relativley short half-life.
Cambridge Colloquium on Complexity and Social Networks
Home page for a Harvard-based speaker series that has become very prominent in both SNA and complexity theory. We may road-trip there, if a speark warrants.



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