To set up the Java Development Kit and Eclipse on a Windows Computer:

Download Java:

Go to Look for the following text:


and click the button. A new page will load.


For Platform, select Windows, click the I agree checkbox, and Continue.

Click the link for jdk-6u23-windows-i586.exe. You will be prompted to save the file to your hard drive—pick an appropriate spot and remember where you put it.

Find the file you just saved on your hard drive and run it. The JDK will install.

Note—this installs the Java Development Kit (JDK). You need this to write Java programs. The Java Runtime environment is what you need to run java programs. The JDK includes the Runtime environment—you don’t need to download it separately.

If a license agreement comes up, click Accept.

Click Next to accept all the installation options.

Click Finish. The Java JDK should now be installed. You don’t have to register it, if prompted.


To get Eclipse and install it:

Download Eclipse:

Click this link:

And then click one of the download sites. Click Save and put the download in a convenient place. This is about a 90 megabyte download.

Click Open when the download finishes.

The download should now appear in Windows Explorer as a Zip file. Click Extract All. Follow the instructions in the extraction wizard. You can install to anywhere you like. I’m running Windows XP and I put mine in C:\Program Files\Eclipse (I made an Eclipse folder in Program Files using the browse button).

You will probably want to make a shortcut for Eclipse. Go to the folder you installed it in, navigate into the Eclipse folder, right-click the Eclipse icon, click Create Shortcut, and then drag the shortcut out to your desktop or wherever else you want to put it. You can now start Eclipse by double-clicking on the shortcut.