Setting up the Java Development Kit and Eclipse on a Windows Computer:

Installing the Java JDK

Please note: install Java JDK version 7 (not 8). We are standardizing on 7 for this course. JDK stands for Java Development Kit and contains all of the programming code you will need to make your projects work. Do not install the JRE (Java runtime environment); it won’t hurt anything but it doesn’t have the programming code you need.

Follow this link: . 


You will now see a license agreement (the version number will be 7u67). You must click Accept License Agreement to continue.

For PC users:

Once you accept the license agreement, you can click the link for your particular computer setup. If you are running Windows XP or Windows 7, select jdk-7u67-windows-i586.exe.

Run the .exe file you just downloaded and install the default options (no need to change anything). When asked where to install, accept the installer’s suggestion and click Next. It will do mysterious things for a while.

Click Finish.

If asked, you don’t have to register anything—you’re done with the JDK install.

For Mac users:

Once you accept the license agreement, click jdk-7u67-macosx-x64.dmg to install (look in your downloads folder). If asked, you don’t have to register anything—you’re done with the JDK install.

Installing Eclipse

Click this link to install the Mars version:

For PC users:

Select Windows 32-bit and then Download.

Open the Zip file when the download finishes. Depending on your operating system, you can either double-click it or right click and select Open.

Extract all of the files in the zip file to a convenient folder. You can install to anywhere you like. I put mine in a folder called C:\Program Files\Eclipse (I made an Eclipse folder in Program Files).

You will probably want to make a shortcut for Eclipse. One way to do that is to navigate into the Eclipse folder, right-click the Eclipse.exe icon, click Create Shortcut, and then drag the shortcut out to your desktop or wherever else you want to put it. You can now start Eclipse by double-clicking on the shortcut.

For Mac users:

Select Mac OS X (Cocoa) 64-bit and then Download

When the download is complete, on the downloaded file to complete the installation.


Good luck and let me know if there are any issues.