Principal Investigator
Jeremy Feldblyum

Jeremy I. Feldblyum

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

University at Albany, SUNY

Postdoc, Stanford University

Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

B.S., University of Maryland, College Park

B.Mus., University of Maryland, College Park

Jeremy Feldblyum (pronounced FELD-bloom) has been fascinated by science since the age of 10, when he picked up Richard Feynman's physics primer Six Easy Pieces. After his first high school research experience at The Institute for Genomic Research (now the J. Craig Venter Institute), Feldblyum went to the University of Maryland where he studied both chemistry and piano performance. Pursuing a Ph.D. with Adam Matzger and in collaboration with David Gidley at the University of Michigan, Feldblyum studied metal-organic framework properties using positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS). An interest in electronic materials took him to the Zhenan Bao group at Stanford, where he developed synthesis and processing methods for 2D network semiconductors. As an assistant professor at SUNY Albany, he is developing new methods to synthesize, characterize, and utilize functional coordination materials for diverse applications in electronics, separations, and catalysis.

Postdoctoral Scholars

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Graduate Students
Audrey Crom

Audrey Crom

Ph.D. Rotation Student

B.S., Nanoscale Science, SUNY Polytechnic

Favorite vegetable: Carrots

Favorite books: Harry Potter Series

Sarthak Patel

Sarthak Patel

Ph.D. Rotation Student

M.Tech., University of Rajasthan

B.Tech., University of Rajasthan

Favorite vegetable: Bell Pepper

Favorite car: Lexus LC 500h

Mengwen Yan

Mengwen Yan

Ph.D. Rotation Student

B.S., Bioengineering, Xiamen University

Favorite vegetable: Potato, Eggplant

Favorite movies: The Last Samurai: Bushidou, The Great Gatsby

Favorite anime: Soul Eater, Fate/Stay Night, Claymore

Favorite color: Violet Blue

Kelly Walter

Kelly Walter

M.S. Student

B.S., Chemistry, SUNY Albany

Favorite vegetable: Broccoli

Favorite animal: Dog

Undergraduate Students
Alexander Vandish

Alexander Vandish

B.S. Student (Chemistry)

Favorite vegetable: Asparagus

Favorite author: Ray Bradbury

Nikki Taylor

Nikki Taylor

B.S. Student (Chemistry, Latin american & Caribbean Studies)

Favorite vegetable: Spinach

Favorite number: 12


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