Congratulations to Matt & Paul!

Our graduates student Matt Mitchell & Paul Sesink Clee recently won awards at the 2011 UAlbany Life Sciences Research Symposium. Paul won the Life Sciences "Best Poster Presentation" Award for his work entitled, "Ecological Niche Modeling of the Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee." Matt won the Life Sciences "Best Talk" Award for his work entitled, "The Population Genetics of Chimpanzees at the SIVcpz+/- Boundary."

**Pictured from left to right: Katy, George, Amanda, Paul, and Matt.

Congratulations to Amanda!

Our undergraduate intern Amanda Faris recently won a Department of Biological Sciences Excellence in Research Award for her work entitled, "The Population History of Chimpanzees and Bonobos as Revealed by mtDNA Analysis".

The Gonder Lab launches TREE!

The Gonder Lab, in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) – Cameroon, is proud to announce the launch of the Tropical Rainforest Education Experiment. The goals of this website are to show an international audience the amazing biodiversity of Cameroon, to introduce the public to Cameroonian tropical forest experts, and to teach student-scientists how to identify forest plants and animals. Please visit for more information.

Gonder Lab research featured in PNAS!

Our lab recently published an article that was featured on the cover of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, entitled "Evidence from Cameroon reveals differences in the genetic structure and histories of chimpanzee populations."

**More information about this publication can be found on the PNAS website.

Congratulations to Matt!

Our graduate student Matt Mitchell recently won the Department of Biological Sciences "Best Poster Presentation" Award at the 2010 UAlbany Life Sciences Research Symposium for his work entitled, "The Genetic Stucture of Chimpanzee Populations: New Evidence from Cameroon."

Congratulations to Emmanuel!

Our undergraduate intern Emmanuel Adomfeh recently won a Department of Biological Sciences Excellence in Research Award for his work entitled, "Do chimpanzee priority conservation areas correspond to reservoirs of chimpanzee genetic diversity in Cameroon and Nigeria?".

Chimpanzee Conservation Action Plan

Katy participated in the Phase II planning workshop that will produce an IUCN-endorsed conservation action plan for P. t. ellioti that was held in February 2010. The formal conservation action plan is now being prepared.

**More information about the Conservation Action Plan and P. t. ellioti can be found at

National Geographic supported fieldwork in Cameroon

Katy won a National Geographic Committee on Research and Exploration grant along with Nicola Anthony (Univeristy of New Orleans) and Roger Fotso. Katy and Sabrina spent January – April in Cameroon carrying out fieldwork related to the project. Check back soon for more details about our trip.