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  Recent Publications Header
  • Kleppel, G.S., C.B. Girard, S. Caggiano and E. LaBarge. 2011. Invasive plant control by livestock: From targeted eradication to ecosystem restoration. Ecological Restoration. 29: 209-211.
  • Kleppel, G.S. and E. LaBarge. 2011. Using sheep to control purple loosestrife (Lythum salicaria). Invasive Plant Science and Management 4: 50-57.
  • Kleppel, G.S. M.R. DeVoe & M.V. Rawson, (Eds.). 2006. Changing land use patterns in the coastal zone – Managing environmental quality in rapidly developing regions. Springer, NY.

      Chapters in this volume:

    • DeVoe, M.R. & G.S. Kleppel. 1. Introduction – The effects of changing land use patterns on marine resources: setting a research agenda to facilitate management, pp. 1-19.

    • Kleppel, G.S., R.H. Becker, J.S. Allen & K.S. Lu. 2. Trends in land use policy in the coastal Southeast, pp. 23-45.

    • Kleppel, G.S., D.E. Porter & M.R. DeVoe. 4. Urban typology and estuarine biodiversity in rapidly developing coastal watersheds, pp. 69-89.

  • Kleppel, G.S., S. Madewell & S.E. Hazzard. 2004. Responses of emergent marsh wetlands in upstate New York to variations in urban typology. Ecology and Society 9 (5): 1. [online]
  • Hazzard, S.E. & G.S. Kleppel. 2003. Egg production of the copepod Acartia tonsa in Florida Bay: The role of fatty acids in the nutritional composition of the food environment. Mar. Ecol Prog. Ser. 252:199-206.
  • Kleppel, G.S. 2002. Urbanization and environmental quality: Implications of alternative development scenarios. Albany Law Environmental Outlook 8: 37-64.

Recent Presentations & Lectures

  • Reddix-LaBarge, E., C.B. Girard and G.S. Kleppel. 2012. The use of targeted grazing for the suppression of the pastoral invasive Rosamulti Flora (Multiflora Rose). Northeast Natural History Conference, April 18, Syracuse, NY.
  • Kleppel, G.S., C.B. Girard, E. LaBarge and S. Caggiano. 2011. Invasive plant control by livestock: From targeted eradication to ecosystem restoration. Northeast Natural History Conference, April 8, Albany, NY
  • Girard, C.B. and G.S. Kleppel . 2011. Effectiveness of Intensive Rotational Targeted Grazing of Sheep as a Control for the Spread of Persicaria perfoliat. Northeast Natural History Conference, April 7, Albany, NY.
  • Kleppel, G.S. 2011. Targeted grazing for the control of invasive plants. Invasive Species Symposium. NY State Natural Heritage Program, April 5, Albany, NY.
  • Kleppel, G.S. and C.B. Girard. 2010. Intensive rotational targeted grazing: An ecosystem-based approach to invasive plant management. 24th International Congress on Conservation Biology, July, Edmonton, Alberta, CA
  • Girard, C.B. and G.S. Kleppel. 2010. Intensive rotational targeted grazing of Romney sheep as a control for the spread of Persicaria perfoliata. 24th International Congress on Conservation Biology, July, Edmonton, Alberta, CA
  • Kleppel, G.S., C. Tran and A.J. Smith. 2008. The Hamlet Approach: Mitigating sprawl by focusing on landscapes. Association of American Geographers Meeting, April 15, Boston.
  • Kleppel, G.S. 2008. Matching livestock breed characteristics to conservation goals. North East Natural History Conference X, April 18, Albany, NY.
  • Kleppel, G.S. 2008. Think globally, eat locally – The long reach of decisions that you make about your diet. June 30, Altamont, NY.
  • Kleppel, G.S., J. Allen, G. Liu, J. Parkey, A.J. Smith, R. Shirer & M. Burak. 2007. The how and the why of landscape-scale management – observations on sustainable development in rural regions of New York State. US Society for Ecological Economics, June, New York, NY.
  • Kleppel, G.S. and K. Daniels. 2007. Transfer of development rights and other alternatives to sprawl inducing zoning ordinances – A workshop. Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy, Dec 15, Voorheesville, NY.
  • Kleppel, GS 2006. Keynote. Growth in the Helderberg Hilltowns: Retaining rural character or death by a thousand cuts. Hilltowns Growth Summit, Voorheesville, NY.
  • Kleppel, GS. 2005. Keynote. Making development part of a conservation strategy for the Hudson Valley -- A primer. Presented on June 9, Conservation of Biological Diversity in the Hudson River Estuary, The Nature Conservancy, Millbrook, NY.

Romney sheep were used to restore wetland flora to a wet meadow being invaded by upland grasses.

Current zoning ordinances in most rural communities create rural sprawl, the very thing they were intended to avoid.
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