ICEN/ICSI 416 : Computer Communication Networks (Fall 2017)
Course Description

This course will cover fundamentals in computer communication networks as well as some state-of-the-art advancements in the field. This course will begin with topics in wired networks including Internet applications, transport and routing protocols, data link layer communications and Internet stability. We will then survey recent advances in applications (such as content-delivery networks), congestion control and wireless technologies. The students will have the opportunity to apply their understanding of networking fundamentals while working on hands-on programming assignments, packet trace analysis and an Internet measurement project. The material taught will form the foundation for more advanced courses in computer networks.

Time and Location: T/Th 1:15-2:35PM @ Humanities 0027

Prof. Dola Saha
Prof. Dola Saha
Email: dsaha AT albany DOT edu
Office hours: In LI 89B
Tuesday: 12:00PM-1:00PM
Thursday: 11:00AM-12:00PM
Or by appointment

Blackboard: ICEN/ICSI 416 : Computer Communication Networks

Required: "Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach", James Kurose and Keith Ross, Pearson

  1. "Computer Networks: A Systems Approach", Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie, Elsevier
  2. "Computer Networks", Andrew S. Tanenbaum, and David J. Wetherall, Pearson
Grading Information
  1. Projects - 30%
  2. Homework - 20%
  3. Midterm - 20%
  4. Final Exam - 30%
Grading Scale
A: 100-95 points A-: 94-90 points
B+: 89-87 points B: 86-84 points B-: 83-80 points 
C+: 79-77 points C: 76-73 points C-: 72-70 points
D+: 69-67 points D: 66-63 points D-: 62-60 points
E: 59 points and below

Assignments: No late assignments will be accepted. All assignments are due by 11:59PM on the due date (unless otherwise specified). Any re-grading requests will be considered up to 5 business days after posting the grades for the corresponding assignment. No re-grading requests will be entertained after the 5-day period has passed.

Academic Honesty and Overall Regulations: Every student has the responsibility to become familiar with the standards of academic integrity at the University. Plagiarism and any act of academic dishonesty will be punished. Read the Standards of Academic Integrity and Policies in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Course Calendar

Subject to change as per travel schedule, material progreess and unforseen events

Date Discussion Topic Assignment
August 29Introduction
August 31Foundation
September 5
September 7
September 12Application Layer
September 14
September 19
September 21No classes, no office hours, Rosh Hashanah
September 26Transport Layer
September 28
October 3
October 5No classes, no office hours, Prof. Saha in conference
October 10
October 12Network Layer
October 17Midterm Review
October 19Midterm
October 24
October 26
October 31
November 2
November 7Data Link Layer
November 9
November 14
November 16Physical Layer
November 21
November 23No classes, Thanksgiving Break
November 28
November 30Network Security
December 5
December 7Revision
December 12No classes, Reading Day
December 13Final Exam 10:30AM – 12:30PM