Chapter 12: Learning and Memory: Basic Mechanisms

Lecture Outline


Forms of Learning

Classical Conditioning

The Hebb Rule

Long-Term Potentiation

Diagram of the LTP Procedure

Long-Term Potentiation

Mechanisms of LTP

A Biochemical Model of LTP

Perceptual Learning

Role of ACh in Learning and Memory

Classical Conditioning


Nuc. Accumbens and Reinforcement

DA and Motivated Behaviors

Relational Learning and Amnesia


Korsakoff’s Syndrome

Hippocampal Damage in Humans

Memory Processing

Learning/Memory Capabilities of Patient H.M.

Memory Processes

Hippocampal Anatomy

Anterograde Amnesia after Hippocampal Damage

Relational Learning in Animals

Spatial Perception After Hippocampal Damage

Cholinergic Modulation of Hippocampal Function