Chapter 5 Links-Methods and Strategies

of Research

Psychophysiology Around the World:

This WWW site provides an alphabetical listing of

individual home pages for psychophysiology

laboratories around the world. The opening page uses a different historical photo of an experiment in psychophysiology. Golgi Staining: This site provides a series of stained sections taken from the brains of seven different species.

Microiontophoresis: This site provides an advanced tutorial on the microiontophoresis technique.

The Human Brain Project: This research site provides images and movies derived from functional imaging studies using PET and fMRI technologies. It is of use to faculty seeking images for lectures on neural imaging.

History of the Lobotomy: A web site devoted to the history of the lobotomy technique: including original text by Drs. Freeman and Watts, a critical analysis by Valenstein, and lobotomy diagrams.

Cytochemistry Web Page: An advanced web page that discusses the nature of various immunocytochemistry protocols and techniques. Site provides links to other cytochemistry sites.

Microscopy: Yale Center for Cell Imaging: This web site includes links to microscopy sites as well as a Techniques Manual covering methods on cryosectioning and immunocytochemistry. Brain Imaging Demos: Montreal Neurological Institute: This site includes demo movies of brain imaging techniques as well as an overview of the major imaging techniques.

Functional MRI Brain Imaging: This site provides a nice example of a functional MRI. As a subject is tapping a finger of the left hand, the MRI shows activation of right hemisphere motor cortex.

Images: This site provides links to sites on Human Neuroanatomy and Neuropathology, Neuroscience Images and Methods, and Medical Imaging Centers. This site also has an extensive listing of Neuroanatomy Atlases for various animals.