Fall 2017: ICEN/CSCI 660: Internet of Things
Course Description

In this course we will study new communication paradigm that are enabled by the ubiquity of heterogeneous devices, networks and applications. The course will consist of "Three" components: a] Lectures on emerging networks and their artifacts along with studying research publications to understand their practical challenges. b] Bridge the cyber and the physical world using sensors, embedded in mobile devices and how to build applications using the Android sensor programming framework and c] Analytics for large-scale data and business models for Big-Data. Students are expected to have introductory knowledge about networking and communication systems along with foundations in programming and statistics.

Click Here for an evolving student wishlist of IoT topics

Prerequisites: ICEN/ICSI 416 - Computer Communication Networks

Time and Location: T/R 10.15-11.30am @ ES 0019
Instructor: Aveek Dutta (adutta@albany.edu)
Office hours: T/R 12-1pm @ BA 313 (or by appointment)
Blackboard: ICEN 360 / CSCI 660 - Emerging Technologies - Internet of Things

Reference Books

There are no textbooks adopted for this course. But most of the material and HW will be based on the topics within these books.

  1. Collaborative Internet of Things [link]
  2. The Internet of Things: Key Applications and Protocols, 2nd Edition [Link]
  3. Foundations of Modern Networking [Link]
  4. From Machine-to-Machine to the Internet of Things: Introduction to a New Age of Intelligence [Link]
  5. Designing the Internet of Things [Link]
  6. Mastering Bitcoin- Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies [Link]
  7. Android Sensor Programming [Link]. Companion Website and example codes: [Link]
  8. Data Science and Big Data Analytics: Discovering, Analyzing, Visualizing and Presenting Data [Link]
  9. Practical Data Science with R [Link]
Grading Information

  1. Project - 50
    1. Idea (Incorporate the 3 components of IoT: Networks, Sensors and Analytics) - 10
    2. Writing - 15
    3. Results and Visualization - 15
    4. Presentation and Demo (if required) - 10
  2. Homework - 20
  3. Mid-term Tech Talk - 10 (15 min presentation on a specific IoT topic)
  4. Attendance and class participation - 10

Examples of Student Projects and Lightning Talks

Course Calendar

Subject to change as per travel schedule, material progreess and unforseen events

Week Lecture Date Day Discussion Topic Assignment
Week 1 1 Aug-29 T Introduction and Project guidelines
[Lecture Slides]
Homework #0: Visit and study the contents of all the links in the week 1 Lecture Slides.
2 Aug-31 R
Week 2 3 Sep-5 T Networks #1: Review and IoT Taxonomy
[Lecture Slides]
Homework #1: IoT Survey Paper and Summary
Assigned: Tuesday, Sep-5
Due: Monday, Sep-18
4 Sep-7 R
Week 3 5 Sep-12 T Sensors #1: Location Services
[Lecture Slides]
[Android Studio Tutorial]
6 Sep-14 R
Week 4 7 Sep-19 T Guest Lecture: "Introduction to Programming in R"
Speaker: Prof. Dola Saha (ECE)

No Lecture - Rosh Hashanah

Project Proposals: Tuesday, Sep-26
8 Sep-21 R
Week 5 9 Sep-26 T Guest Lecture: "Enforcement in Spectrum Sharing"
Speaker: Maqsood Careem (PhD Student in ECE)

Analytics #1: Introduction and Lifecycles
[Lecture Slides]
10 Sep-28 R
Week 6 11 Oct-3 T Networks #2: IoT Applications and Protocols
[Lecture Slides]
Homework #2: Sensor programming
Assigned: Tuesday, Oct-3
Due: Monday, Oct-16
12 Oct-5 R
Week 7 13 Oct-10 T Sensors #2: Data Acquisition with Sensors
[Lecture Slides]
14 Oct-12 R
Week 8 15 Oct-17 T Analytics #2: Introduction to R and Visualization
[Lecture Slides], [R Examples]

Mid-term Exam / Tech Talk [Schedule]
Homework #3: Data Analysis Using R-Studio
Assigned: Tuesday, Oct-17
Due: Monday, Oct-30

Mid-term Project Report: Tuesday, Oct-24 [Instructions ]
16 Oct-19 R
Week 9 17 Oct-24 T Networks #3: IoT and Cloud Based Services
(Reference Book-3)
[Lecture Slides]
18 Oct-26 R
Week 10 19 Oct-31 T Sensors #3: Image and Speech Processing
[Lecture Slides]
Homework #4: CoAP and REST APIs
Assigned: Tuesday, Oct-31
Due: Monday, Nov-13
20 Nov-2 R
Week 11 21 Nov-7 T Analytics #3: Clustering, Regression
(Chapter 4 & 6 of Reference Book - 8)
[Lecture Slides]
22 Nov-9 R
Week 12 23 Nov-14 T Networks #4: Distributed systems and IoT (Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin)
[Lecture Slides]
Homework #5: Utilizing the fingerprint scanner API in Android
Assigned: Tuesday, Nov-14
Due: Monday, Nov-27
24 Nov-16 R
Week 13 25 Nov-21 T Continue Previous Material

No Lecture - Thanksgiving Break
26 Nov-23 R
Week 14 27 Nov-28 T Guest Lecture: "Crossdomain Recommender Systems - An Overwiew"
Speaker: Prof. Sherry Sahebi (CS)

Guest Lecture: "Visible Light Communication"
Speaker: Prof. Hany El Gala (ECE)
Homework #6: Time Series and classification
Assigned: Tuesday, Nov-28
Due: Monday, Dec-11
28 Nov-30 R
Week 15 29 Dec-5 T Analytics #4- Classification and Time Series
(Chapter 7 & 8 of Reference Book - 8)
[Lecture Slides], [R Examples - Part 2]

Continue Previous Material and Finals Review
[Finals Review Slides]
30 Dec-7 R
Finals Dec-15, Friday
(10.30 - 12.30pm)
Final Project Report and Presentation