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Internal Campus Signage Options

Campus Signage

Another resource to help you market your event is through campus signage, which includes the LED signs, dining hall monitors, and podium flyers.

LED Sign

Messages for the LED sign, located at the main University entrances at Western and Washington Ave., must fall into one of the following categories and the priority for which they will be considered is as follows:

  • Admissions (Open House, Summer Sessions, Welcome Students)
  • Institutional Events (Commencement, Homecoming Congratulatory Messages (Great Dane Victory, etc.)
  • Major Athletic, Cultural and/or Academic Event/Conference
  • Emergencies (Campus closed due to weather)
  • Events for solicitation like 5K runs/walks where the University is just the venue are not permitted.

What You Need to Know

Internal and external

Lead time/Where to submit info/contact:

Podium Flyers

Recognized campus organizations and University departments are authorized to post posters/flyers on campus.

Flyers are not to exceed 8.5”x11” standard portrait size. Policies on podium flyers can be found at: http://www.albany.edu/involvement/policies.shtml

What You Need to Know


Lead time:
48 hours

Where to submit info/contact:
Office of Student Involvement & Leadership in CC 130