Dr. Arthur Applebee, Distinguished Professor and Chair

English education, language use and language learning

ED312 - (518) 442-5006 - aapplebee@albany.edu

Dr. Jane Murray Agee, Associate Professor

English education, qualitative research, cognition and language


Dr. Robert Bangert-Drowns, Dean, School of Education,

Associate Professor

Instructional design and technology, meta-analysis

ED110 - (518) 442-5022 - rbangert-drowns@albany.edu

Dr. Reza Feyzi Behnagh, Assistant Professor

Instructional technology, metacognition, theories of learning

ED115B - (518) 442-5011 - rfeyzibehnagh@albany.edu

Dr. Istvan Kecskes, Professor

Second language acquisition, bi- and multi-lingualism,

intercultural pragmatism

ED311 - (518) 442-5030 - ikecskes@albany.edu  


Dr. Alex K. Kumi-Yeboah, Assistant Professor

K-12 multicultural education

ED109 - (518) 442-5032 - akumi-yeboah@albany.edu

Dr. Judith Langer, Vincent O’Leary Distinguished Research Professor

Literacy learning and instruction; classroom discourse

ED310 - (518) 442-5029 - jlanger@albany.edu

Dr. Julie Learned, Assistant Professor

Adolescent literacy, disciplinary literacy, English education, qualitative

research methods

ED127A - (518) 442-5014 - jlearned@albany.edu 
Dr. Brett Levy  

Dr. Brett Levy, Assistant Professor

Youth civic engagement, social studies education, research methods,

environmental education

ED108 - (518) 442-4987 - bllevy@albany.edu

Dr. Carla Meskill, Professor

Language and technology studies, language education

ED127A - (518) 442-5007 - cmeskill@albany.edu

Dr. Alandeom Oliveira, Associate Professor

Science education and classroom discourse

ED113B - (518) 442-5003 - aoliveira@albany.edu

Dr. Carol Richardson Rodgers, Associate Professor

Learning and teaching, history of progressive teacher education, teacher

professional development, John Dewey

ED114B - (518) 442-5003 - crr1213@gmail.com

Dr. Jerusalem Rivera-Wilson, Senior Faculty Associate and Director of

Clinical Training and Field Experiences

ED111 - (518) 442-5028 - jrivera-wilson@albany.edu
Current Issues in Teacher Education flyer

Dr. Peter Shea, Associate Professor

Online and technology-mediated teaching and learning

ED114A - (518) 442-4009 - pshea@albany.edu 


Dr. Jason Vickers, Lecturer

Curriculum development and instructional design

(845) 857-4196 - jvickers@albany.edu

Dr. Kristen Wilcox, Assistant Professor

Second language learning and teaching; diversity in education,

school effectiveness

ED115A - (518) 442-9085 - kwilcox1@albany.edu 

Dr. Robert Yagelski, Associate Professor

English Education, writing, rhetoric, qualitative research

ED113A - (518) 442-5002 - ryagelski@albany.edu

Dr. Jianwei Zhang, Associate Professor

Computer-supported collaborative learning and knowledge building,

knowledge networks, learning innovation in cultural contexts

ED119 - (518) 442-4007 - jzhang1@albany.edu

Research Lab: http://tccl.rit.albany.edu