International visitor to EAPS Department


Dr. Malva Uribe Rivera is visiting EAPS and its ICATA (International Curriculum and Textbook Archive) and EERC (Educational Evaluation Research Consortium) from September 20 to 28.   Her visit is part of a FONDECYT (Chilean Government Grants Program) postdoctoral project she is undertaking at the Center for Advanced Research in Education of the University of Chile (CIAE). Her project is entitled “Opportunities for the development of competencies for scientific literacy: a close look at initial science teachers’ preparation and teacher performance”. The purpose of her research stay at the University at Albany is to work with Dr. Gilbert Valverde, an international expert in the topic of science and mathematics education policy and research on curriculum, on the analysis of curricular standards for initial teacher preparation.  At the University at Albany she will be focusing on refinements to her data collection and analysis plans.