2003-04 Chair: Edelgard Wulfert

January 14, 2004

Present: M. Carpenter, N. Claiborne, F. Hauser, F. Henderson, S. B. Kim, J. Koehler,
J. Logan, K. Lowery, D. McCaffrey, M. Pryse, C. Santiago, B. Shadrick, S. Stern, E. Wulfert

Chair Wulfert explained that this meeting had been scheduled originally to work on the Senate's Substitute Motion on Oversight of State and Corporate Research regarding Nanotech Resources, Inc. She proposed that the Governor's recent announcement of the establishment of a new College of Nanotechnology appears to put the charge to EPC expressed in that motion on the backburner. She suggested that EPC might refocus its efforts to clarify the relationship between the proposed new college and the university.

Provost Santiago reported that the Governor's statement about the new College was very positive for the University at Albany and that preliminary discussions are beginning. He had not yet been involved in the discussions, and encouraged EPC to formulate questions pertaining to the new College that could be answered during the course of the ongoing discussion.


The Provost was asked if the Governor had the authority to create a college of this type. Provost Santiago indicated that he felt the Governor and SUNY, through the Board of Trustees, had the authority to create an educational enterprise such as the College of Nanotechnology. He indicated that the recently created Levin Institute was created in a similar manner. He reminded the Council that any curriculum associated with our academic enterprise required Senate approval as had occurred when the School of NanoSciences and NanoEngineering was created. The Provost highlighted the fact that the Governor's announcement indicated that the University at Albany would be involved in the creation of the College. Professor Logan questioned the history of this new development, more specifically, at what point the discussion began and what point did the Governor approve it. Provost Santiago could not explicitly answer when the conversations began but indicated that the concept was informally discussed about four or five months ago by the Dean of the School. He noted that the questions being raised were appropriate ones and that he would be responsible for getting some of the answers for EPC.

Professor Logan indicated that he did not feel he knew enough about the context that led to the Governor's announcement to formulate specific questions. He asked if the Provost could help structure the discussion so that the Council could better organize its questions. The Provost responded that he would be delighted to do so.

Provost Santiago then reviewed the current structure of the School of NanoSciences and NanoEngineering and UAIM. He suggested a few key questions that the Council might want to consider:

Presently, at the University at Albany, faculty have to be appointed by the President; Regarding issues of faculty research;
Governance issues;

Provost Santiago suggested that, if the Council formulates its questions in the next week, he would get back to the Council as quickly as possible.

EPC Website

Provost Santiago reported that the site is up and that Dr. Bruce Szelest has now moved to the Provost's Office and he will be responsible for overseeing that site. Chair Wulfert noted that the Council would still need to agree on what should be public information. Vice President Lowery suggested a refresher at an upcoming meeting with Dr. Szelest doing a presentation.

D.A. Program in Humanistic Studies:

Professor Pryse inquired of the status of the D.A. Program in Humanistic Studies. Chair Wulfert reported that the matter is in the College of Arts and Sciences Governance and with the Dean of CAS, it has yet to return to EPC.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jayne VanDenburgh, Recorder