Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

Degree Requirements for the Faculty-Initiated Interdisciplinary Major with a Concentration in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

General Program B.A.: A minimum of 36 credits: 9 credits from the core courses, 3 credits in Art History, 3 credits in History, 3 credits in Literature and Cultures, 3 credits in Philosophy, 3 credits in Global Perspectives, and 12 elective credits from courses listed or specially approved by the Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  In the case of courses marked "approval required," the Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies will determine appropriateness on a case-by-case basis. Courses that conform to the intent and content of the program but are not listed below may be counted toward fulfilling the requirements upon approval by the program director.

Majors are encouraged to acquire an elementary reading ability in Latin. In addition, it is strongly recommended that majors acquire at least an elementary reading ability in one modern Western language other than English.