Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

Approved Courses

The courses listed below have been approved for the Interdisciplinary Studies with a faculty-initiated concentration in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Please note that only a selection of these courses will be available in any given semester.

Courses that conform to the intent and content of the program but are not listed below may be counted towards fulfilling the requirements upon approval of the program director.

Core Courses: 9 credits

A Arh 331 Early Medieval & Romanesque Art

A Arh 342 (or 342Z) Renaissance Art of the 16th Century 

A Eng 330 Literature of the Middle Ages 
A Eng 331 Literature of the Earlier Renaissance 
A Eng 332 Literature of the Later Renaissance 
A His  235 Early and Medieval Christianity

A His 336 (or 336Z) History of the Early Middle Ages 

A His 337 (or 337Z) The High Middle Ages 

A His 338 (or 338Z) The Italian Renaissance 1300-1530
A His 339 (or 339Z) Renaissance and Reformation in 16th-Century Europe
A His 346 (or 346Z) The History of England I

A Phi 311 History of Medieval Philosophy

Art and Music Courses: 3 credits

A ARH 230 The Art of Medieval Knighthood 
A ARH/A CLA 303 Early Christian Art and Architecture 
A ARH 332 Gothic Art and Architecture 
A ARH 442 Early Painting of the Netherlands 
A ARH 499Y Research Seminar in Art History (approval required) 
A MUS 230 Music History I 
A MUS 287 University Chamber Singers (approval required)

History Courses: 3 credits

A His 391 Topics in European History (when appropriate) History Elective Courses 
A His 463 The Byzantine Empire 300-1453 

Literatures and Cultures Courses: 3 credits

A Eng 291 The English Literary Tradition I
A Eng 341 Chaucer
A Eng 344 Early Works of Shakespeare
A Eng 345 Later Works of Shakespeare
A Eng 348 Milton
A Fre 361 French Literature: Middle Ages to the 17th Century
A Fre 362 French Literature: 18th to 20th Centuries A Ita 421 Dante
A Ita 441 The Italian Renaissance
A Jst 430 Maimonides and Spinoza
A Phi 311 History of Medieval Philosophy
A Phi 312 Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Philosophy
A Spn 311 Hispanic Literature through the Golden Age
A Spn 482 Cervantes Art and Music Courses
A Arh 332 Gothic Art
A Arh 341 Renaissance Art of the 15th Century
A Mus 205 History of Music I
A Mus 230L Music History I
A Mus 287 University Chamber Singers (when appropriate)