Fall 2017


Aug 28, Monday - Classes begin at 8:00am; Degree applications for December 2017 graduation are accepted online via MyUAlbany through December 19.

Aug 29, Tuesday - Late registration begins 


Sept 5, Tuesday - Last day to add semester length course without permission of instructor   

Sept 11, Monday- Last day of late registration for the semester; Last day to drop semester length course without receiving a "W;" Last day to add semester length course with permission of instructor. Adding courses after this date will require a letter from the course instructor to the Registrar stating that you have been attending the course.



October 12, Thursday - October 17, Tuesday- Seniors (88+ completed credits), Honors College & Athletes           
Advance Registration Advisement

October 16, Monday - Midterm point       

October 18, Wednesday- October 24, Tuesday- Juniors (87-56 completed credits)                                                   
Advance Registration Advisement

October 25, Wednesday - November 1, Wednesday- Sophomores (55-24 completed credits)                                          
Advance Registration Advisement

October 18, Wednesday - November 17, Friday- Advance Registration for Winter 2017-2018 and Spring 2018


Nov 6, Monday - Last day for students to file S/U option or return to A-E grading for semester length course; Last day for students to drop semester length course ("W" assigned)

Nov 10, Friday - Last day for students to make up Incomplete grades from Spring 2017 or Summer 2017.


Dec 11, Monday - Last day of classes; Last day to voluntarily withdraw from the University and receive "W" grades

Dec 12, Tuesday - Reading Day

Dec 13, Wednesday - Final examinations begin

May 19, Friday - Final examinations end