William Casto

William Casto

Degrees earned and location:

MA , English, SUNY, Albany
BS, English Education, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Magna Cum Laude

Research Interests:

Materialist Economics and Aesthetics, Modernist Fiction, Black and White Film, Culture Industry Studies, Woody Allen Films, Frankfurt School Theory, & 20th Century American Literature.

Select Conference Presentations:

*“The Consequences of Theorizing Ideology: Idealism and ‘Residential Marxism’”

Googling the Critique, SUNY Albany, December 2005

*“From Praxis to Theory: The Water Wars of Bolivia”

Changing the Subject: Poiesis, Praxis, and Theoria Graduate Student Conference, SUNY Albany, April, 2005

*“Theorizing the Saffron Revolution”

Spaces of Globalization, SUNY Albany, December 2007

Select Teaching Experience:

Eng 240 – Growing up in America
Eng 226 – High Modernism and Pop Culture
Eng 343 – Melville and Twain
Eng 226 – Literary and Philosophic origins of Woody Allen Films
Eng 121 – Reading Literature
Eng 226 – The Coming of Age Novel
Eng 335 – Literature in England after 1900

E-mail Address: wcasto@albany.edu