Michael Peters

Michael Peters

Degree(s) earned and location:

Combined M.A. / Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY
B.S. Communications, Ohio University

Dissertation Title:

"Æffective Ecologies of Sound Environment Programming in Charles Olson, John Cage, Sun Ra, and Jackson Mac Low"

Research Interests:

19th- & 20th-Century American Literature; Philosophy; Poetics; and Transdisciplinary, Post-1945 Intermedia

Select Publications:

Vaast Bin. New York: Calamari Press, 2007

An essay for Charles Olson's Prose. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007

Entries for Kostelanetz's Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes. New York: Schirmer / Routledge, 2000

Numerous "writings" in various media and mediums in art galleries, print journals (Sleepingfish, Spinning Jenny, LUNGFULL!, and Xtant, among others); recording labels (Atavistic, Luna Bisonte, among others); on-line journals (Word for/Word, Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, Sous Rature, and Tool, A Magazine, among others); as well as sound and visual poetry anthologies (Vispoeologee, with the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, among others). Visual-poetic work can also be found in various Special Collections and Avant-Garde Libraries such as the Sackner Archive.

Select Conference Presentations:

"Lectures from Elsewhere to Hear; Sound Equations in the Quantum Mind/Body of Sun Ra," Poetry of the 1970s Conference, The National Poetry Foundation, The University of Maine, Orono, Maine, 2008

"The Ocean of Thought; Gravitational Waves in Charles Olson's Poetry and Prose," ALA Conference, San Francisco, 2006

"Wholesale Form; An Attack on the Corporate Form with Text and Sound," Avant-Garde Symposium, Columbus, Ohio, 2002

"Absence and Psychogeography in the Dawn of the Trickster," No Future Conference,_Wolverhampton University, UK, 2001

Select Teaching Experience:

ENG 337: 19th-Century American Literature
ENG 226: Special Topics: Native American Literature
ENG 261: American Literary Traditions
ENG 240: Growing Up in America
ENG 102Z: Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 100Z: Intro to Analytic Writing