Sami Schalk

Assistant Professor

MFA University of Notre Dame (2010)
PhD Indiana University (2014)

Gender Studies, Disability Studies, African American Literature, Contemporary Literature

Sami Schalk joined the faculty at University at Albany in 2014 after receiving her PhD in Gender Studies at Indiana University. Her research focuses on the representation of disability in contemporary African American literature. Sami is an active member of the Society for Disability Studies and the National Women’s Studies Association. She is also a poet and Cave Canem fellow. In 2013, Sami was the recipient of an American Association of University Women dissertation fellowship.

Recent Publications:
“Transing: Resistance to Eugenic Ideology in Nella Larsen’s Passing." Journal of Modern
Literature. [In Press]
“Metaphorically Speaking: Disability Metaphors in Feminist Writing.” Disability Studies
Quarterly. 33.4 (2013).
“Coming to Claim Crip: Disidentification with/in Disability Studies.” Disability Studies
Quarterly. 33.2 (2013).
“Self, Other, Other-Self: Going Beyond the Self/Other Binary in Contemporary
Consciousness.” Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology. 2.1 (2011).