Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook

Degree(s) earned and location:

B.A. Knox College
M.F.A. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Research Interests:

18th-Century Aesthetics, Contemporary American Prose Poetry and Fiction

Select Publications:


*Anemic Cinema *(Horse Less Press)* *
*Homespun *(Spout Press)


"from *Monster: a Glottochronology" *(with Tyler Flynn Dorholt)* alice blue
"from *Monster: a Glottochronology," *(with Tyler Flynn Dorholt) *Spinning
Jenny *
“Goats (1),” “Goats (2)” *Georgetown Review*
"Love" *Columbia Poetry Review*
“Sup” *Quarterly West*
“Unconceal,” “Tilt,” and “Fashion Follows War” *Pank*
“Modern Lighting, “ “Office Park,” *The New Orleans Review*
“Strawberry and Mango-Strawberry,” “Constructionist Lyric,”
“Infrastructure,” *Action Yes*
“Brief Fiber,” “Shortcuts,” “Answer to an Important Question,” *EOAGH*
“December’s Architects,” (with Nate Slawson) *New Pony*
“Watching Television News,” “Municipal Music,” *Lamination Colony*

Select Conference Presentations:

NEASECS 2010, SUNY-Buffalo "The Political Aesthetic: Kant's Necessary Other"

Select Fellowships and Awards:

GRRP Fellowship, Graduate School, University of Minnesota 2008

Full-length manuscript, semi-finalist, Elixir Press Poetry Prize

Torske-Kulbben Fellowship, Graduate School, University of Minnesota

Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Fellowship, English Department, Knox College

Select Teaching Experience:

Creative Writing