Taking Online Classes

Online Waitlist Policy For All Students Requesting Online Courses

Online Waitlist Policy Overview

Our online courses are generally, but not exclusively, reserved for students matriculated in our fully online Early Childhood Ed and Childhood Ed MS programs. These two online programs are part-time and courses are reserved for them so they will be able graduate within a reasonable time frame. However, at times we do offer online courses for both online and on campus students. Students can see which courses, and when they are being offered, by checking the annotated course schedule located on the Department's homepage. Each course is clearly marked for students in the various degrees, along with who to contact if permission is needed to register.

Eligibility for Online Courses

Online Matriculated Students
If you are a matriculated online student in the Department of Literacy Teaching and Learning, please contact Trudy Walp, your advisor, to obtain your AVN and a CPN (Course Permission Number) for your online courses.

On Campus Matriculated Students in Early Childhood and Childhood Programs
If you are in the Childhood or Early Childhood campus program, you also have priority for our online courses if the required course is only available online. Please contact your advisor for an AVN and Trudy Walp for the CPN.

On Campus Matriculated Students in MS in Literacy and other SOE Degrees
If you are in the MS in Literacy or in another department, you can ONLY register for our online courses if the course is indicated as open to you (see above) or there are seats available, on a first-come, first-served basis. Trudy Walp maintains waitlists for online courses. See the online course waitlist policy.

Non-Degree Students
If you have been admitted as a non-degree student in Literacy Teaching and Learning, your chances of getting into an online course are slim, but not impossible. Matriculated Childhood and Early Childhood students have first priority, matriculated MS in Literacy students have second priority, and non-degree students have third priority. See the online course waitlist policy.

Online Waitlist Policy Procedures

Matriculated and non-degree students are eligible to be placed on waitlists for online courses. Students should request to be placed on the waitlist for one online course only; his/her placement on this waiting list is determined by the date and time that we receive the request. Matriculated students have priority over non-degree students for all waitlists. Once seats have been offered to matriculated students, they will be offered to non-degree students strictly according to the date/time of emails requesting a course.

As the start of a new semester approaches, if an online course has not been filled, seats will be offered to students on the waitlist, starting with the first one on the list. Please note that checking the course registration is misleading because it only shows how many students have actually registered for a course. For courses requiring a permission number, what you don’t see is how many permission numbers have been distributed- but the student has not yet registered.

The procedure for requesting that your name be placed on a waitlist for an online course is as follows:

  1. Email your request to the Online Program Manager, Trudy Walp, on or after the first day of the new registration period. No early-bird requests will be accepted--if you make a request early, it will be returned to you, and you will have to make another one.
  2. Students may request to be placed on a waitlist for ONE course only. If you request more than one course, your email will be returned for you to choose the one you want, and then the date/time of the second email will determine your place on the list.
  3. It is your responsibility to check that the course applies to your degree program so please be sure to confer with your advisor.
  4. Include a valid email address. Be sure that this email address is current, and it isn't bouncing emails back because the mailbox is full.
  5. Requests for waitlists will ONLY be accepted via email to Trudy Walp. No phone calls, no snail mail, and no emails to individual instructors. CPNs for our online courses are issued only by Trudy, not the course instructor.
  6. We will acknowledge your email request and placement on the waitlist. Close to the start of the new semester, if the online course has space available, we will send you a second email giving you information on how to register. Please note: We do not send a follow-up email if there is no availability in the course.
  7. Please do not email to check on the status of a course and the waitlist. The Department and online instructors do not have course permission numbers for online courses, nor do they keep the waiting lists for online courses.