Dissertation Oral Examination

When the Dissertation Committee feels that the dissertation is ready to be considered for approval, the student makes a formal request to the Department for an oral examination and defense of the dissertation.

Note: A request may be made by the Dissertation Committee to waive the oral examination. Such requests should be made in writing to the Department Chair, and require formal approval of the Department.

The Dissertation Committee will conduct the final oral examination and defense of the dissertation. Each member of this Committee is to receive a copy of the dissertation at least two weeks before the examination, and an electronic copy of the dissertation should be left with the department so that other faculty may read it. The oral examination must occur at least one month before the final date for submission of the dissertation set by the Graduate Office. This date can be found in the current Academic Calendar.  Approval of the dissertation is defined as a majority of the Dissertation Committee. This approval will be obtained by a formal discussion and vote of the Committee. Approval of the oral examination and defense is transmitted to the Department, and to the Academic Council.