Admission to Candidacy

Admission to Candidacy is essentially the University's approval for a student to proceed to the dissertation itself. Students admitted to advanced study in a program leading to a doctoral degree are considered for admission to candidacy when they have successfully completed the following:

  • Departmental Comprehensive Exam and Specialization Exam (if required)
  • Satisfactory Academic Record--60 hours of graduate credit with a B average or better
  • Research Tool Requirement
  • Departmental Approval of Dissertation Proposal

When these have been successfully completed, and the Dissertation Committee is in unanimous agreement that the proposal is in such a form as to provide the basis for a successful study, the Dissertation Committee will report to the Department Faculty that you have fulfilled the requirements for candidacy for the degree.

Admission to candidacy is not automatic, and you become a candidate for a doctoral degree only with the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies acting on recommendations of the Graduate Academic Council, and the Dean of the School of Education. Application for candidacy is made on your behalf by the Dissertation Chair and the Department Chair.

You must be admitted to candidacy at least one session (not including summer sessions) before the acceptance of your dissertation and the completion of all other requirements for the degree.