Current MS Students


Current Students:

Approval lists for the Spring 2015 semester are now open. You can read more about the policy on the registration page.  Please make sure to email the department if you plan to take a course that requires approval (600, 601, 605, 620, 623). If you do not contact us you run the risk of getting closed out of the class(es).

Graduating Students:

If you intend on becoming certified, all students must apply through the TEACH system. Instructional seminars will be hosted by the School of Education for anyone seeking certification.  For specific questions and help with NYS certifications, contact the staff in Pathways into Education (PIE) right here in the School of Education. Among their many services, they provide UAlbany graduate students with information about teacher certification, NYS Teacher Certification Exams, and assists students in applying for teacher certification.  Program Codes and certification application information can be found at: