University at Albany

Office of Environmental Health And Safety

Staff Directory

Lisa-Anne Donohue Director of EH&S 442-3495
Karl G. Kilts Assistant Director of EH&S 442-3495
Michelle McConville Biological Safety Officer 442-3495
Eric Call Radiation Safety Officer 442-3495
Nayan Gosai Chemical Hygeine Officer 442-3495
Vacant Occupational Health and Safety Specialist 442-3495
Vacant Plans Examiner 442-3436
Cindy Higgins Secretary 442-3495
Tonia Gross Codes Staff Assistant 437-3667
Tyler A. Lemire Interim Fire Protection Manager 442-3495
Dave Gregory Plumber 442-3173
Mike Drosky Electrician 442-3173
Michael Wilson Campus Safety Specialist 442-3173
Paul Chevalier Campus Safety Specialist 442-3173