Department of Code Administration

Why Do We Have Code Administration?

Purpose and Background
The purpose of the construction permit procedure is to assure that campus construction projects meet local, state, and federal construction requirements. This procedure ensures that all project planning and code compliance reviews performed by various departments, committees and auxiliaries are completed prior to initiating the actual construction. Code compliance is the responsibility of the project manager for each project. The University is self-enforced for building code compliance and works closely with the Department of State Fire Prevention and Control. The Office of Code Administration's goal is to make sure that all constructions projects are:

  • Compliant with NY state and federal laws and regulations

  • A safe environment for faculty, staff, students and the community

  • Compliant with campus standards and the University Master Plan

Construction Permitting
Ever since July 1, 1990, State Agencies are not allowed to do construction without issuing a building permit prior to the start of work. Additionally, for every project requiring a building permit, continued occupancy or re-occupancy of the building or area of work cannot occur until a Code Compliance Certificate (or Temporary Approval for Occupancy) is issued. All construction, rehabilitation of areas, or other modifications to buildings, must be coordinated through the Department of Physical Plant. A licensed engineer, has been designated Code Compliance Manager as required by section 1204.6 (now re-numbered from Part 448 to Part 1204) of the regulation. The Code Compliance Manager is responsible for the issuance of construction permits (1204.7), inspection during construction (1204.8), temporary approvals for occupancy (1204.10) and stop work orders (1204.11).

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