Robert Pruzek

Robert Pruzek


B.S. Wisconsin State University (River Falls) M.S., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin (Madison)


Pruzek’s interests include measurement, psychometric methods and research design as well as multivariate analysis and regression. Pruzek holds joint appointments in Educational and Counseling Psychology, Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology, as well as the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the School of Public Health. He has been active in the American Educational Research Association, the Psychometric Society, and most recently the Society for Multivariate Experimental Psychology. He has recently focused on visualization and propensity score methods. Through the use of R, the rapidly developing software system that is free [], he has focused on developing novel graphic methods for display of data that can improve the ways data analytic methods are taught, as well as how work-a-day practice of data analysis is conducted. (See He has studied how smoothing methods can be facilitated by graphical and numerical methods to effectively borrow strength to aid descriptions of data, inferences, and to improve predictions about future data. Most recently, he has developed new methods for exploratory longitudinal data analysis, and has coauthored (with James Helmreich) two packages for R, one on graphical methods for analysis of variance (granova) and the other with functions to facilitate propensity score analysis (PSAgraphics). Pruzek has consulted for several years with the New York State Health Department, Division of Nutrition, evaluating effects of WIC programs, especially effects of mothers’ nutrition on birth outcomes. His publications have appeared in the Psychological Bulletin, Cortex, Social Indictors Research, Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science, Maternal and Child Health Care, and Multivariate Behavioral Research; also the Journal of Statistical Software and the Journal of Statistical Education. Pruzek has recently been named Coordinating Editor for a Special Issue of Multivariate Behavioral Research on Propensity Score Analysis, due for publication in 2010.

Representative Publications

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