Robert McMorris

Robert F. McMorris


A.B. Hamilton College
M.S., Ph.D. Syracuse University


Dr. McMorris is a specialist in the fields of measurement and evaluation, and has been a member of the Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology since 1963. He has also taught at Syracuse University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Kentucky. Dr. McMorris has also been a staff member or consultant with National Assessment, SWRL Educational Research and Development, and departments of Civil Service and Education. He was co-editor of Educational and Psychological Measurement and is author of articles in the Journal of Educational Measurement, Applied Measurement in Education and other publications. He is active in the National Council on Measurement in Education, the Northeastern Educational Research Association, and the American Educational Research Association. His teaching areas include educational & psychological measurement and test construction. Dr. McMorris’s current research interests include answer changing in multiple-choice tests, underachievement, teacher testing, standard setting, and humor in teaching and testing.

Representative Publications

McMorris, R.F., & Boothroyd, R.A. (1993). Tests that teachers build: An analysis of classroom tests in science and mathematics. Applied Measurement in Education, 6, 321-342.

McMorris, R.F., Boothroyd, R.A., Pietrangelo, D.J. (1997). Humor in educational testing: A review and discussion. Applied Measurement in Education, 10, 269-297.

McMorris, R.F., Demers, L.P., & Schwarz, S.P. (1987). Attitudes, behaviors, and reasons for changing responses following answer-changing instruction. Journal of Educational Measurement, 24, 131-143.

McMorris, R.F., Urbach, S.L., & Connor, M.C. (1985). Effects of incorporating humor in test items. Journal of Educational Measurement, 22, 147-155.